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Tuesday, November 10


semalam mmg mcm babi , kau2 kne mara ngn syam.siot btol.lntok ah , gua xkesah pon , nk mara tengking2 go ahead ! , not my fault la mr ! hahaa.funny u la mr , evry single word u come out , my laugh suddnly come out too.bahhahaa.bongok btol aku ni,org tgh mara2 bleh gelak pulok . bodoo tade prasaan . okay ttup psal cte ni . recess time im sriously not in the mood,idk y . duhh~ hate those feelings . after tht i've been thinking wht will hapen , until i've get headache . siall , bodo . then in evening mcm biase training sukma , i only use fake smile , fake laugh , n evrythings fake today . training today like a mess , i cnnt focus hunrd percnt machaa . tgn 2 asyik nk turn je , bodo . follow through je la dey , bongok . and then , i ask fifa about him ,blablablablablaaa n evrything.hahaha.begosipp je taw ktorng ni.hahaha.then ble dh smpai rumah tade mud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ternyate aku taw ape punce yg mnyebbkn aku xsdap hti dri smlm.eventhough,thx kkk for all ur suport n not forgottn,mysuperman too thx okay.u mke me calm . even im in trouble.

Monday, November 9


hoo,lamonyo x ngeupdte blog.bhahaha.
too many story i wnna tell yaa but,
ermm.secret between me n me n me me .

btw,i have a great day after raye,i often thinkng about mylife.pejam celik pejam celik here i am sixteen now mama,time is so fast,we cant look back just move foward dear,just do wht u wnna do but!think 1st b4 u destroy ur time,day n ur life mimi.with who u wnna be fren its up to u my dear,but! again think 2 okay.mama said ur life is so easier than me u noe.

when i sit all alone n listen to my fav song , im thnkng about me,him,myfren,famly n evrything through inside my just lucky being in this world,i hve mama,abh,abg,kkk,k.erin n the naughties adam.n not forgottn my fren fyna,fara n anyone closd with me.AND,he made my day become brightly.i never let u down,i always suport behind u.

i rmmber the way u looking at me,they way u talk to me,the way u make me feel calm..
n i remmbr the first conversation with me.n ur secret,i will hold it tight inside.i wanna tell u how lucky i m knowing u.u just caring,kind,always talk,talk,n talk =) one thing,u noe wht,when u had a prblm i can feel tht im in a big problm same like u.hmm.we had no any relationship okay peeps,u got it?gud =D