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Monday, December 21

training ! training ! training

cik nursyamimi supardi,
awk 2 training dh la tak ckup.
maen pn dh xconsistnt.
cbe la training btol2,
klau tak dpt la bebelan pedas yee
gua mau tebus kekalahan all star
di peneng pesta nnt yee
tunggu le
klah average 234 pn jd la
tht's my target


abah,perut kite same kn kn kn kn ?
muahahaa.tu la mkn banyak lg,kn da kembung
hahahaa =D

Saturday, December 19


semoga berbahagia disamping
orang tersayang yee.
ikhlas dari orang yang
tak hargai dan pengkhianat hidop org laen

Saturday, December 12

eleven december

setiap mlm aku susah nk tdo sb slalu memikrkn bnde2 yg menyedihkn . lg pn since last three days , we seems diffrnt , i can feel tht u r not ok even u act like nothing's hapen . hm well,ape yg awk ckp smlm 2 bg sy tpkir2 ap yg akn jd ble sy besar nk awk taw yg sy tkot nk jd lbih slese dlm keadaan mcm ni.bsme parent yg slalu merisaukn sy,melarang sy bwt 2 bwt ni.even tht thing i hate it,i feel safe.what if i was grown up,freedom is numbr one rite,but im afraid to get the freedom bcoz who's gonna tke good care of me ? as u know i dnt wnna loose u.i think of u n evrything okay,im finaly now,one more thing'i wnt u to noe tht i'll be ready to get all the sadness.hmm


Wednesday, December 9

i wish i could be bella swans

ngee^_^ hello peeps!well,actually before this i dnt rili noe who's edward cullen.they always say edward cullen2,i wonder who is he.n one day i buy twilight dvd ANDD!! omg! edward cullen is robert pattinson.he's damnly hot dude! oh.he's eyes was like have a secret.i watch twilight 3 times n im not bored wit tht,i wish i could be bella,edward will protect bella if someting bad hapen to her.vampire,date with me pls!haahaa.on 26november09 twilight saga:new moon in cinema.wish superman watch ths with me.but,nope it's not happen.yeahh,u wish mimi.hmm.i watch this movie all alone =(

cant wait to see this 'the twilight saga eclipse'


old man sulking

32 year didi n siti hve been together and forever,they were married n hve 3 children.
one day they always doing things together,such as playing bowling,make a joke n evrything sweet^_^until one day didi ask siti wnna come wit him or not for tke their children at mall ? siti said,after solat maghriblah . n suddntly didi just dissaper . when didi n their children came home,didi just shut his mouth until he go to bed n sleep.didi going to his room n sleep,around ten to eleven o'clock siti go to bedroom.siti wondering why didi just shut his mouth.siti saw him at the bed n siti come slowly to her bed 5 minutes,didi wkeup.didi sit beside matters n join the ogawa machine.after 10 minutes,didi went out from his bedroom n sleep at his second daugther room.the next morning didi take a shower in the kitchen toilet,before ths at his room,yarhh.i dnt know wht's rili going on to two of them.n i guess didi is sulking with siti about what,i dnt noe.hmm ='(

Wednesday, December 2


haisshh,terbukti 1 december rmai psangan yg happy ^_^ gud for them.

ble jlan sne nmpk cpl,jlan sni nmpk cpl, they're holdng hand,hug n evrything couple often do.i just can see them n smile for tht n a little bit jealous forsure.hahaa.
ble on myspace,nmpk gmbr mmbe2 ngn gf/bf diorng hmm,sweet je.gram btol sje bg aku,tapelah.nk bwat mcm mne en.redha jelaa +_+