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Wednesday, August 5


to all of you, my friends, who read my blog
I wish you much joy, love, laughter and great fortune in your lives.
I am truly grateful for your time, companionship and friendship.
I value your opinion and enjoy your thoughts and ideas.
You are all unique individuals with wonderful gifts,
and you all understand the sense of community that binds us together.
Knowing you all has made me a better person.
You are all loved.
Thank you for your friendship.

...and for my very best friend fyna+iqin
Thank you for each and every smile you have given me
both on my face and yours.
Thank you for making me laugh so hard that I ache.
Thank you for the shoulder you let me rest my head on,
for the ear you let me pour my worries into,
for the hand to hold when I am confronted with either joy or pain
and for the endless supply of love, kind words, and early messages.
if theres any problems just tell me,
maybe i can help u both!muah2!
You make each day shine brighter and smell sweeter.
I love you.
4ever bestfriend syg semua!

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