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Sunday, September 6

damn tired

fuuhhh~finaly im going just wnna say damn tired,tired,tired.kpale lutut rse nk trcbut agaknye klau 24 jam asyik bjlan.1st place i went to sogo sb nk kuar duet,mmg bratur pnjng kot,dh btol2 dpn mesin jadah 2 xleh nk kuar duet plak,gampreng btol.pinjm duet k.erin dlu.bhahaa.b4 dat,pegi jmpe 2 org klien my broda coz nk bg wedding album,omg!u noe wht,today was my 1st time i saw all their work.mcm tertrik jeh dgn hasil yg diorg buat.mklumlahh,dh maju la ktekn.clasy juga laa.duh~perhh,rumah klien die aku rse bjuta kot.mmg ah,bpak die sumbody la jugak,husbnd die cute gle,like old baby,bahha~his car are mine!mini cooper,arrhhh!damn pretty man!her father is sumbdy jugak lah.n my broda klien is fashion designer,no wonder la die ank org kye.urhh.i wish i could hve bigbig house n moremore my fav car.yeah~u wish mimi,u wish.blja pn xkemne nk berngn2 pulak.okay bck to my destination.okay 2nd place i went to jalan tar as known as jalan tunku abd rahman.masyaallah,thre alot of things dat i want buy.rambng mate aku tgk tdung2.uhh,pnat kot,dh la pose.sabar je la.wel,third place i went to jln msjid india.ahahaa.kple lutu nk tecbut dh kot.nk cri bju mlayu abg+adam merate2 nk macthingkn dgn wrne bju last amik wrne pink2 .bhaha~jmbu jeh.tema tahun ni ktorng punye bju rye wrne purple+peach..abh+mama+kkk xlaen xbukn peach.hee~msti sweet kn2.hee.well,we,my fmily often do the smpulduet rye sndri,which my broda design it.last year got 2 colour,turcoise n green..this year,k.erin mke a choice nk wrne gold n grey.i like maroon n fav colour =( hey my fren out thre,nnt i bwt open house u'll dtg taw! expecially my fren lah yee.n i will give u'll tht smpul duet rye 2 k,dun wory.wee~cant wait hri rye begin!!so exciated=Dnk maen mercun.wee~BUT,i cn feel the sadness when first raya begin,the takbir raya mke me wnna cry n thinking about the people who i rili love very much my grandfather.hmm.i think this year will be fun.i want eat,eat,eat,eat and eat alot of food!!waahh~hari raya is the happiest day for me,alot of food,like a food paradise.hahaa.nonsense.n i realize im a little bit older than my ank2 buah.b4 this im the youngest in all my cousin,mymama side.ermm,when we apoligse with my dad,mom we all cried,coz for me,i hve done alot of wrongly things such as lie to them,be rudely.ohh!stupid mimi!hm. i love my fmily<3

today is the damn tried day for me!


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