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Sunday, February 28

dengar ni ..

sukma nk dkat da nihh . jgn nk duk maen2 lg cik mimi. mcm2 yg jd skng . tok sah pening2kn kpale kmu . jgn la buat prangai yg bukan2 . rosak mainan kmu . blajar jgn lupe pulak , kmu tuh tahun ni spm taw tak ! hal-hal org tue jgn masuk cmpur dn amik taw , yg penting maen elok2 , focus dn bersemngat !
  • gold medal is gonna be mine
  • im the best
  • no lanes beat me
  • im gonna prove how good i am
  • control my emotion
  • never quit
  • never give up
  • hold on to one purpose
  • no matter what people say,do the best and prove that you are the best
  • be excellent
  • push your mind in a positive direction
  • believe that you can do it
  • make parents proud
  • who's the best ? perak ! perak ! perak !

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