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Tuesday, February 9

quiz facebook

what will hapen to you this valentines day

Ahh! You're gonna have the time of your life!Love is in the air!! Your bf is waiting for the right time to give you something. Now that could mean a box of chocolates or something more. . . just be prepared! lol. Have Fun! [who is rili my bf ? haha]

what will you get this valentines day

Chocolate.You'll get yummy chocolate! [wah2 , sodapnye dpt mkn chocolate byk2 , hahaa]

what gift will you receive this valentines day

Rose.Your friends just made you special in their life by giving you a rose.[haha , yela tuhh]

will you marry the person you're with

Yes.You will definitely marry the person you are with, because he/she cares for you deeply. [the problem is who is my partner right now ? nobody la dude ]

well,sronok kn klau dpt smbut valentines day . tp as a muslim kite tak bolehh nk smbut berdose taw taw .

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