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Sunday, November 7

bottom of my list

well , sekarang aku sedar kau di dasar senarai aku . bukan sesiape yang alihkan , bukan juga aku but you slowly move at the bottom of the jugle please , think wisely before you do something ridiculous it makes you suffer for whole your life and one thing , can you appriciate all the things you got ? it is not that hard as you think the key is you just say 'THANK YOU' there is no need to judge anybody before you look up your self in front the mirror nobody's perfect . just be your self acting like you were perfect doesn't make your life happy your life gonna full of suffering dont think people around you are not good enough they just wanna help you become a good person maaf,aku cume dah TAWAR hati dekat dengan kau i feel like you are stranger to me hope you are happy with your family , friends and life and i wish one day you gonna realize our present are mean to you and you regret for it :) i love you <3

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