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Thursday, May 5

jatuh lagi

nak update

tapi .........


what the hell

dulu ....
situasi ni pernah jadi kat aku
memories comes back
and memang bagi diri aku down downn sangat

come on lah
think positive babe , okay :)
n think twice before you say ''something'' to the world
i dont give a damn
only from words
I know the level of your maturity in relationship
so,chill babe
im not gonna let my heart fill with anybody
trust me :)
so,listen here you , u'll get what u did babe
accept that . god pay cash to you
im okay with that
because i hate making trouble with this thing
chill okay ..

sekalian , jatuhkan aku selagi boleh
aku diam dan senyum sampai kamu orang sendiri letih menjatuhkan aku

you,i need you now
really-really need you :'(

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