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Sunday, July 12


ohh,well ive got 3rd least dpt top3 tade ah truk cm kt jhor ari2.hampeh btol..4 the nxt curcuit,all out ! nk champion ! lane kt sunway 2 la yg bg ak xdpt ge asian school! i will to cover back haa!go mimi!chayok2!..well,we hve a wonderfull day when we all walk together 2 alley,br8fast,lunch n dinner.hahaha,the funny things is when i or all my fren saw the of2 things we gonna cucuk2 like dat ah..of2 !hahaa.beron parents pn dah reti maen taw ! i yg ajar diorg smalm .hhahaa.dahh pandaiii...=)) pling xbleh lupe about the PARKSON hahhaa.certain ppl will know wht hapen .hahhaa.bad girls ! mimi+affy+miera.hahaa..heyheyhey korng2 yg suport ak thx ah,without suporter i cnt played.ahhaa.yela sgt..n thx to my tyg jugaa.hee tape la die xdpt 2nd round,nxt curcuit wat the best dnt gve up ! bg dpt msuk gp final k! luf yaa!

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m i e r a said...


diam2 sudaa la .

da dpt da beg nike baru .


bli kt KL .

fuhh .