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Saturday, December 12

eleven december

setiap mlm aku susah nk tdo sb slalu memikrkn bnde2 yg menyedihkn . lg pn since last three days , we seems diffrnt , i can feel tht u r not ok even u act like nothing's hapen . hm well,ape yg awk ckp smlm 2 bg sy tpkir2 ap yg akn jd ble sy besar nk awk taw yg sy tkot nk jd lbih slese dlm keadaan mcm ni.bsme parent yg slalu merisaukn sy,melarang sy bwt 2 bwt ni.even tht thing i hate it,i feel safe.what if i was grown up,freedom is numbr one rite,but im afraid to get the freedom bcoz who's gonna tke good care of me ? as u know i dnt wnna loose u.i think of u n evrything okay,im finaly now,one more thing'i wnt u to noe tht i'll be ready to get all the sadness.hmm


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