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Wednesday, December 9

i wish i could be bella swans

ngee^_^ hello peeps!well,actually before this i dnt rili noe who's edward cullen.they always say edward cullen2,i wonder who is he.n one day i buy twilight dvd ANDD!! omg! edward cullen is robert pattinson.he's damnly hot dude! oh.he's eyes was like have a secret.i watch twilight 3 times n im not bored wit tht,i wish i could be bella,edward will protect bella if someting bad hapen to her.vampire,date with me pls!haahaa.on 26november09 twilight saga:new moon in cinema.wish superman watch ths with me.but,nope it's not happen.yeahh,u wish mimi.hmm.i watch this movie all alone =(

cant wait to see this 'the twilight saga eclipse'


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