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Wednesday, December 9

old man sulking

32 year didi n siti hve been together and forever,they were married n hve 3 children.
one day they always doing things together,such as playing bowling,make a joke n evrything sweet^_^until one day didi ask siti wnna come wit him or not for tke their children at mall ? siti said,after solat maghriblah . n suddntly didi just dissaper . when didi n their children came home,didi just shut his mouth until he go to bed n sleep.didi going to his room n sleep,around ten to eleven o'clock siti go to bedroom.siti wondering why didi just shut his mouth.siti saw him at the bed n siti come slowly to her bed 5 minutes,didi wkeup.didi sit beside matters n join the ogawa machine.after 10 minutes,didi went out from his bedroom n sleep at his second daugther room.the next morning didi take a shower in the kitchen toilet,before ths at his room,yarhh.i dnt know wht's rili going on to two of them.n i guess didi is sulking with siti about what,i dnt noe.hmm ='(

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