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Sunday, December 12

aku kena tag . wee ~

cik nur hazWUNNY hashim

1) How we met - smkgr Enhanced by Smiley Central
2) My first impression of you - masa class 1r .lawa jugak minah nii.HAHA
3) What I like about you - frenly ,sporting, gamble Enhanced by Smiley Central
4) Favourite memory with you - Pangkor IslandEnhanced by Smiley Central
5) A song that reminds me of you - emmmm ape ekk?haha
6) Dare you to put this as your status!

p/s : muah muahhh ! i love you wunny , well.rindu nye nk ge pangkor cm ari tu dulu mase form one tu kan . hehehehee . dem ! nak hangoutt !

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