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Sunday, December 19

i remember

i still
remember your voice that whispers in my ear

The way you look into my eyes
The way you advise me
The way you remove my worries
The way you care for me
The way you miss me
the way you express your feeling
the way you smile
the way you keep worry at me

i wish i can turn back this moment
i miss you badly :'(
everyday i see your picture without feeling tired to get rid of my thirst at you
but ineffective . I need medicine to heal my sense of longing
i really wish I could throw away my feelings of worry and longing for far-away
but,i can't :(
im still waiting..........................


fyy mokhtar said...

:( sedih bace laaa :(

mimimo said...

awak sedih bace ni ??
saya yang buat ni ape la lgi kan :(

fyy mokhtar said...

ngaaa :) jgn sedih sedih tao :)