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happy birthday :)

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Friday, October 22

i dont get my awesome day 100% .
everything was terrible on 20102010
what a beautiful date right .
i really wish my wishes on this day are come true
but nope, its just a dream only

why i get all painful stuff ?
why you guys can't make me happy n freely just for 24 hours ?
why ? tell me why ?
why i need to solve everything ?

i am sick of all those things
they always victimize me
i cant handle this alone
i need to spit out with trusty person

its very stressful
i am thank to those who make me direct laugh
i love you guys so much
things happen must be a reason right
just SABAR :)

no one can help us
except our self right


Paduka Seyn said...

nursyamimi, come on and get strong and stronger inside!

mimi supardi said...

i hate pretend nothings hapen :(

Paduka Seyn said...

it's a part of life :)

mimi supardi said...

tapi saket bile dah kene byk kali